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Our Flash Video is a High Quality 1400KBPS Transfer from High Definition, that plays on all computers equipped with a Flash Player. stands apart in the world of sexual education, on-line or off-line, as the most ambitious and sophisticated publically available sexual knowledgebase in the world.
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Never before has everything needed to become a great lover, and to have the time of your life naked, been placed right at your fingertips! is the ultimate XXX sexual reference, with a flavor something like Men’s Health Magazine (but with its pants all the way down), and the depth of an ever expanding fully animated, fully illustrated sex-encyclopedia. With the absolute best price on the planet (as low as $6 a month) there’s nothing keeping you from getting your bedroom blackbelt today.

We’ve been shooting our blackbelt footage for more than 18 months, so we’ve got a stock pile of XXX sex reference content that our video team and writing team are hard at work every day getting ready for you. All these amazing techniques, positions, scenarios, and articles are on-line right now. And we add an amazing 6 new segments every week (sometimes more).....
'Bronco' Dip Machine Cowgirl
Been hitting the gym hard? Not like this we bet. In fact we bet you never even imagined the frenzied fuck-action possibilities a vertical abdominal\dip machine could offer. So check this o...

Crotch Rocket - 'Kawasaki' Style
Doggie style sex move that invokes the look and bodily alignment of riding a Kawasaki style motorcycle. The male beign the driver, the female being the bike.

Bobbing for P (PUSSY | PENIS)
Whoever said bath time is lots of fun had it right. This awesome sexual spin on the favorite childhood party game, finds us bobbing for more than just apples in a sizzling bath\Jacuzzi sex ...

The Lapdance (EZchair - Her Control)
A lady in the street, a freak in the bed, Who says she can't take the reigns in sex... this XXX rendition of the classic gentleman's club Lapdance is the prefect platform for a little girl p...

Stafish Orgy
A fantastic orgy position in which six people can be chained together for an amazing group sex experience, the formation of their combined bodies resembling a starfish.

Grand Master - Spiderman in a Sleigh Bed
This Exclusive full length Grand Master sex romp will show you how to rock the hell out of your sleigh bed. 30 minutes hot hardcore fucking showcases an amazing 40+ sex techniques unleashed...

Smothering Bear Hug (Taken by Force Fantasy)
A missionary variation in which the male hugs the female very close, pressing down his body weight upon her. Here executed, as part of a 'Taken by Force' fantasy.

'The Mantis' - Standing 69
An astounding acrobatic sex move that requires balance, focus and strength.

The One-Legged Warrior
An exceptional and easy, edge of the bed move that puts the male in an awesome posture for leverage and physical advantage.

Parallel Spoon - Spooning Transitions
Discover how to make spooning hot with this awesome video demo and article that will show you how to flow between the most popular spoon sex positions with ease, and also shows you how to br...

The Missionary Grapple AKA Guard (Sofa)
Unleash this Brazilian Jujitsu inspired sex position and find yourself deep inside of more than just her ‘guard’ when next you take it to the mat (or is it mattress)?

The Bronco - Cowgirl Tug-of-War
A very exciting chair-based spin on the cowgirl position, in which it is very easy for either the man or the female to take the reings of control and run the show.

Bed's Corner - Split Level
Okay boys, it’s time to make like a barbarian (she’ll love it) and give the center of the bed a rest. Tonight you’re going to drag your lady down and over, and get your groove on at the bed...

Reverse Pile Driver (on a Sofa)
Giving the sexual jungle-gym of our sofa a run for its money is always fun. This time T’Sean and Julie unleash a little reverse pile driver action. Follow their example tonight and open up...

The Amazon
She owns his nuts, is the first phrase comes to mind when spying in on this awesome lady-takes-charge sex maneuver, and that’s not a bad thing… you have to flip the script now and again and ...

Half Split Level
Get her leg up and onto your shoulder, throw your back into into it, and set the stage for amazing sex with this missionary sex variation called the half split level. Deep thrusting, increa...

One-Legged Sofa Shogun
An edge of the sofa man-on-top variation that gives the male excellent leverage for varied pelvic thrusting, and excellent depth control.

Classic Missionary Position (Deep \ Hard)
It’s the most basic sex position, but if you think it’s boring it’s only because you’re not doing it right. The Missionary Position is all about accent and what you bring to it, this adapta...

The Lotus Upright on a Sofa
If you haven’t fucked uphill before it’s time you tried it out, because you’ll definitely like it. This smoking hot sofa sex position is sure to get you both worked up like a pair of frenzi...

Bondage Femdom - Roped Rider
Femdom, female domination is all the rage these days, what girl doesn’t want to throw on a leather corset and dish out a little punishment now and then, what boy (perhaps the master of all h...

Grand Master: Pussy Shogun on a Sofa
Are you a pussy-shogun? Check out this intense sofa-sex demonstration for all the black belt pointers needed to become a pussy shogun on your sofa.

The Classic Pile Driver
The pile driver sex position, thanks to modern porn, is really quite famous for the sexual flexibility it requires of the female, and the stamina it requires of the male. Definitely not one...

The Plumber
He’s snaking the drain. No, she’s checking the pipe for leaks. Stop, they’re both right in the case of this awesome fellatio sex position that finds him riding her face, and who cares if w...

Standing Airwalk - Sofa Samarai - Doggie Style
Theres always room for one more in the dog pound. Doggie style sex positions can be dynamic and exciting, provides a fantastic view for the boys of his favorite ladies round upturned ass, a...

Jump Pump Missionary
Put some new spice in your man-on-top sex action by putting some extra jump in your pump. This move is exciting, a little rough and sure to put more friction in your fucking (maybe too much...