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Heterosexual Sex Positio...
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Do you have all the right moves? You do now. Welcome to the video-illustrated library of heterosexual sex positions (and much more).
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(str8) Sex Scenarios

What Grandmasters Know That Mere Mortals Don’t!
In addition to the positions of sex, your physical stances and your partner’s, is an entirely other realm of mental sexuality. This is the realm of fantasy, fetish, and kink. These explorations supersede and compound the physical by delving into the cerebral, and this ultimately is your opportunity for highest sexual self-discovery. What makes you HOT? What gets you HORNY? What are the ideas that turn you on?

Grandmasters know the answers to these questions about themselves, and they know the importance of learning the answers to these questions about their partners… they are able to “fuck” their partner’s both physically and mentally, and with excellence in both regard. Grandmaster Sex Scenarios are extended or full length video articles that demonstrate complex sexual scenarios and concepts. In these scenes we teach you how to put everything together, stunning sex moves, fluid transitions, and fantasy, fetish, kink and role play techniques that are sure to have you and your partner waking the neighbors as you reach your higher plane of sexual fulfillment.
Her 'Taken by Force' Fantasy
In this Grandmaster Video Article installment from our “Top 10, 4-Alarm Female Fantasies” series, we show you how to unleash your lady's wildest 4-Alarm 'Taken by Force' Fantasy tonight! An...

Grand Master: Pussy Shogun on a Sofa
Are you a pussy-shogun? Check out this intense sofa-sex demonstration for all the black belt pointers needed to become a pussy shogun on your sofa.

Dynamic Pussy Eating - Grandmaster Scenario
Give your dick the night off and whip out these extraordinary pussy eating sex positions tonight and keep count as the orgasms explode from her body, each one more intense than the one befor...

Her Male Prostitute (Male Stripper Version)
Unleash a hurricane of sexual excitement when you become her paid boy-whore for the night. Her wish is your command if you want to get that big pay day (and indeed you’re both sure to be re...

Grand Master - Spiderman in a Sleigh Bed
This Exclusive full length Grand Master sex romp will show you how to rock the hell out of your sleigh bed. 30 minutes hot hardcore fucking showcases an amazing 40+ sex techniques unleashed...

Hot Girl Teaches Geek Guy To Fuck
Sexy Asian girl, Almond, a bedroom black belt member of 2 years decided she was going to pick up the geekiest guy she could find and teach him to fuck black belt style. She sent in her vide...

Leon Finds His Prostate
Join Leon as he discovers the joys of pleasuring his prostate in this marathon backdoor masturbation session that will teach you how to get the most out of your P-spot too.


(str8) Sex Positions

Do you have all the right moves? You do now.
Sex Positions are all about knowing what to do, where to put it, how to move it, and so on. It isn’t about memorizing, because no two rounds of sex are exactly the same, rather it’s about knowhow and mastery. Once you understand the realm of possibilities, how you can position your body, how your body reacts, and so on… the rest is a matter of practice makes perfect.
Man-on-Top Sex Positions
Man-on-Top covers a lot of ground sexually speaking, beginning with the classic missionary position that is the posture in which most of us will have our first sexual experience, and ending only with the extent of our imagination. We’ve come quite a way since the Christian Missionaries of centuries past taught that the exotic sexual maneuvers of the cultures they encountered were bestial and inappropriate, and the only wholesome posture for sex was classic missionary. Indeed, we’ve learned that the bedroom is just the place to unleash your inner beast, and these Man-on-Top maneuvers are sure to help you do just that.
'The Leaning Oak' - Chair
A variation of elevator missionary, where the male leans strongly toward his partner, facilitating a either a smearing or smashing penetration style.

Smothering Bear Hug (Taken by Force Fantasy)
A missionary variation in which the male hugs the female very close, pressing down his body weight upon her. Here executed, as part of a 'Taken by Force' fantasy.

The One-Legged Warrior
An exceptional and easy, edge of the bed move that puts the male in an awesome posture for leverage and physical advantage.

Pressing the Butterfly (Fucked Up Against a Wall)
This excellent tripple threat demonstrates the 'Pressing the Butterfly Sex Move', with the nuance of being 'Fucked Up Against a Wall', as well as the 'Taken by Force Fantacy' all combined!

The Glider
This is a fantastic transitional move. Assuming the receiver is sufficiently flexible, ‘Glider’ is an excellent position to slide into from any other man-on-top kneeling position… a particu...

One-Legged Sofa Shogun
An edge of the sofa man-on-top variation that gives the male excellent leverage for varied pelvic thrusting, and excellent depth control.

The Jigsaw
The Jigsaw is an excellent move for cranking up the adventure level, that you can transition into from various more ordinary man-on-top positions.

Classic Missionary Position (Deep \ Hard)
It’s the most basic sex position, but if you think it’s boring it’s only because you’re not doing it right. The Missionary Position is all about accent and what you bring to it, this adapta...

The Missionary Grapple AKA Guard (Sofa)
Unleash this Brazilian Jujitsu inspired sex position and find yourself deep inside of more than just her ‘guard’ when next you take it to the mat (or is it mattress)?

Skier Sex Move and Thrusting Technique
Take your love for skiing to new heights and discover that skiing into a steaming mound of pussy beats freezing your balls off in this snow. Try out this excellent living room sex position,...

Elevator Missionary Sex on a Sofa Arm
Here’s a sex position that’s sure to make every man feel like a bigger, badder man in the bedroom… and your lady will love it… this sex technique is adventurous, the angle tightens the vagi...

Pressing The Butterfly
Follow along as Andy presses pussy with his pelvis till the nectar left behind is a fine wine… excellent position for flexible females who can get those legs wide, and for guys who strive to...

Half Split Level
Get her leg up and onto your shoulder, throw your back into into it, and set the stage for amazing sex with this missionary sex variation called the half split level. Deep thrusting, increa...

Rough Sex - One Legged Warrior Sexual Transitions
While walking with one-leg would certainly be difficult one-legged fucking is apparently just the way it ought to be done. Seriously though, this mixture of missionary sex position and stand...

Low Entry Missionary Sex - Joe Vs. Lance
Sex position competition anyone? Sometimes the best way to learn to do something right is to see it being done wrong, watch these two boys banging the same girl in low-entry missionary and ...

Jump Pump Missionary
Put some new spice in your man-on-top sex action by putting some extra jump in your pump. This move is exciting, a little rough and sure to put more friction in your fucking (maybe too much...

Woman-on-Top Sex Positions
Often a favorite of females, for the control it gives them over the depth and rhythm of penetration, Woman-on-Top sex moves offer an exciting and complete inversion of the most common sexual postures. Male’s should take note: just because you are on the bottom does not mean you will be inactive, your pelvis is at your command so don’t forget to move that thing. Also, just because the female has more ‘control’ in this posture does not mean you are out of control (unless you want to be). Woman-on-Top positions can lend themselves to fantastic tug-of-war plays for bedroom power.
The Lapdance (His Control)
Half womaon-on-top and half sitting doggie, this gentleman's club favorite takes on a whole new degree of sizzle when the players are butt-naked. A springy bed adds extra kick to this eroti...

Donkey-boy (incline bench)
This is a fairly exotic variation on the cowgirl woman-on top position, that finds the woman quite literally riding her donkey-boy like a (you guessed it) donkey. The move offers some excit...

The Bronco - Cowgirl Tug-of-War
A very exciting chair-based spin on the cowgirl position, in which it is very easy for either the man or the female to take the reings of control and run the show.

The Lapdance (EZchair - Her Control)
A lady in the street, a freak in the bed, Who says she can't take the reigns in sex... this XXX rendition of the classic gentleman's club Lapdance is the prefect platform for a little girl p...

The Lotus (Upright In An EZchair)
This fantastic, and somewhat exotic woman-on-top move is sure to get your blood boiling. Guys, looking for a challenge for your pelvic thrusting skills... try this dynamic up-thruster out… ...

The Amazon
She owns his nuts, is the first phrase comes to mind when spying in on this awesome lady-takes-charge sex maneuver, and that’s not a bad thing… you have to flip the script now and again and ...

'Bronco' Dip Machine Cowgirl
Been hitting the gym hard? Not like this we bet. In fact we bet you never even imagined the frenzied fuck-action possibilities a vertical abdominal\dip machine could offer. So check this o...

Cornered Pussy Cat's Craddle
Every sexual lion needs to know his way around the jungle, and an important part of marking your territory that’s sure to keep the lionesses cuming back for more is knowing what to do when y...

The Lotus Upright on a Sofa
If you haven’t fucked uphill before it’s time you tried it out, because you’ll definitely like it. This smoking hot sofa sex position is sure to get you both worked up like a pair of frenzi...

Doggie Style Sex Positions
It’s not just the way that doggies do it. The aptly named Doggie Style posture for sex, which places the male behind the female for entry from the rear, is in fact the way most other animals in nature do the deed… lions, tigers, and bears too (oh my). Suffice to say, there is no other family of moves that so easily evokes a sense of animalism and reckless abandon. A favorite of males for the fantastic view of the upturned ass and also the penetration, and also for the aforementioned animal-sex-gone-wild flavor, Doggie Style moves sometimes get a bad rep for being non-intimate, but as you’ll see in our arsenal there’s plenty room for all your urges, animal and intimate, to merge.
Doggie Piledriver
A hybrid move, that places the female and male in an extreme doggie angle, but a more relaxed angle in which to perform a piledriver like move.

Crotch Rocket - 'Kawasaki' Style
Doggie style sex move that invokes the look and bodily alignment of riding a Kawasaki style motorcycle. The male beign the driver, the female being the bike.

The Worm
A doggie variation in which the male lays ontop of the female, riding her rear, and moving his body in a fashion like an inch-worm. This is excellent for intamacy in doggie, and can also be...

Old School Doggie-Style
An oldie, but always a goodie, this is the classic doggie style position as performed on a bed with a nicely fevered pitch.

High One-Legged Sofa Samarai
An awesome doggie variation where both players assume the one-legged (one leg on the sofa, one leg off) stance, and the female is thrown over the sofa's arm for an awesome round of sexual po...

Airwalk Doggie
A prefect fix for getting a little more rumble in your jungle, without straying too far from your favorite neck of the woods. The “Airwalk Doggie” sex position gives the male a wider stance...

Crazy Circles (Pelvic Rolling Technique)
In this awesome video feature we show you how to unleash some crazy circles (pelvic rolling movements) that will have your lady begging for more… a great technique for many sex positions inc...

The Jockey - Doggie
And it’s Booty-For-Days entering the home stretch, with Johnny Long riding high, sweating and grunting and thrusting… and you get the idea… Their names are actually Tara and Enrique, and thi...

Standing Airwalk - Sofa Samarai - Doggie Style
Theres always room for one more in the dog pound. Doggie style sex positions can be dynamic and exciting, provides a fantastic view for the boys of his favorite ladies round upturned ass, a...

Straight Anal Sex - Jackhammer
Looking to explore the tight depths of her other erogenous zone, the backdoor, aka her ass, well if she lets you this anal sex position is sure to excite, just try not to pop your cork too q...

Two-Legged Dog - Doggie Style
Looking for a great sex position that will really let you deliver the hard deep thrusts she’s been craving. Two-Legged Doggie Style Sex is just what you’re looking for and with the added bo...

Side-by-Side Sex Positions
Side-by-Side sex can be great for a nice lazy roll in the hay, or can be cranked up for a frenzied fuck-fest that will have the springs creaking, the headboard bumping, and your partner(s) moaning. Side-by-Side positions, the most well known of which is the spoon position, all have a degree of duplicity to them in which they are both transitional moves and moves in their own right. By nature we tend to roll into these positions when transitioning from other moves… but too often we don’t let ourselves get stuck and we should. So the next time you’re in the pleasure park, stop (not to smell the roses, but) to savor the side-by-side sex.
Acid Spoon AKA T-Cross
Spoon variation in which the female is on her back and the male is on his side in classic spoon style, their bodies form a T. An excellent angle for guys with left or right curving erection...

Modified (AKA Running Man) Spoon
Put your lady’s vibrator out of business tonight with the vigorous motions generated by your pelvis in this super energetic spoon position variation that’s sure t...

Side-by-Side Face-to-Face
It’s the position you fall into when rolling from him on top to her on top, but if you’re looking for a sexy, sticky, great place to get stuck kind of sex position, then slow it down and gri...

Parallel Spoon - Spooning Transitions
Discover how to make spooning hot with this awesome video demo and article that will show you how to flow between the most popular spoon sex positions with ease, and also shows you how to br...

Oral Sex Positions
The ultimate ice breaker, and so much more, the euphemistic ‘third base’ of baseball inspired sexual metaphors AKA gold old Oral Sex, is an incredibly versatile tool in your sexual repertoire. According to the baseball metaphor oral sex is just shy of a homerun and pretty damn good. Indeed, well done oral sex can produce orgasms of rapturous thundering intensity in female and male alike, and as implied by the 90s dance track ‘Lick It’, with lyrics that boast ‘you gotta lick it… you gotta get it soft and wet so we can kick it” oral sex is the #1 form of foreplay, doing the job of teasing, titillating, and wetting it down are automatic when the mouth is put to work, so checkout these oral techniques and amp up your game tonight.
'The Mantis' - Standing 69
An astounding acrobatic sex move that requires balance, focus and strength.

Bobbing for P (PUSSY | PENIS)
Whoever said bath time is lots of fun had it right. This awesome sexual spin on the favorite childhood party game, finds us bobbing for more than just apples in a sizzling bath\Jacuzzi sex ...

Dynamic Pussy Eating - Grandmaster Scenario
Give your dick the night off and whip out these extraordinary pussy eating sex positions tonight and keep count as the orgasms explode from her body, each one more intense than the one befor...

The Plumber
He’s snaking the drain. No, she’s checking the pipe for leaks. Stop, they’re both right in the case of this awesome fellatio sex position that finds him riding her face, and who cares if w...

Cunnilingus 101 - How To Eat Pussy
So this is the masters class in pussy eating you’ve been waiting for, Cunnilingus 101, a full article and explicit close-up video demonstration that shows you all the intimate tricks to plea...

Sex Position Transitions
Great sex does not begin in one sex position, remain in that position throughout the duration of the sex, and conclude. GREAT SEX DOES MOVE AROUND A LOT… flowing from one position to another, stimulating every surface of the genitals, challenging every angle of the bed and beyond. Studies have shown that women are far more likely to experience an orgasm when the rounds of lovemaking include varied angles and positions. Indeed, as many as 50% of women in recent studies who thought themselves non-orgasmic, were able to enjoy body shaking orgasms when they and their men were instructed implement a series of new angles in bed. These transition flows, will give you some ideas for how to flow smoothly from one position to another without even interrupting the rhythm of your sex.
Jackhammer Style Pile Driver Transitions
A variation of piledriver that is easier for males who's penis does not easily bend 100% south.

Acid Spoon (T-Cross) Transition Into T-Pounder
Demonstrates a transition from a spoon style possition (the T-Cross) into a male on top variation (the T-Pounder).

Kneeling Doggie Style Sex Transitions 101
Ready to get your doggie on in style? These sexual transitions take you from the basic kneeling doggie move and flow fluidly into advanced sex techniques like the bull dog sex position. So...

Exotica Sex Positions
These are the crazy, unclassifiable moves that tend to look like a game of naked twister gone wild. For the adrenaline junkies among us who like to party hard especially in the bedroom, and who always crave that next sexual adventure high… these moves are just what the doctor ordered, now just don’t break any bones trying to pull off these maneuvers.
Standing Wheelbarrow (Classic)
When was the last time you saw this dynamic sex move (not in still pictures) but in motion. For all you power couple, dynamic duos of the bedroom, we’ve got the mysteries of The Standing Wh...

Reverse Pile Driver (on a Sofa)
Giving the sexual jungle-gym of our sofa a run for its money is always fun. This time T’Sean and Julie unleash a little reverse pile driver action. Follow their example tonight and open up...

Bed's Corner - Split Level
Okay boys, it’s time to make like a barbarian (she’ll love it) and give the center of the bed a rest. Tonight you’re going to drag your lady down and over, and get your groove on at the bed...

The Classic Pile Driver
The pile driver sex position, thanks to modern porn, is really quite famous for the sexual flexibility it requires of the female, and the stamina it requires of the male. Definitely not one...

Bondage Femdom - Roped Rider
Femdom, female domination is all the rage these days, what girl doesn’t want to throw on a leather corset and dish out a little punishment now and then, what boy (perhaps the master of all h...

Lotus Bloooming and Kneeling Lotus
Looking for an intense sex position sure to get your heart rate pounding, something exotic but doable to light a fire in your bedroom tonight? Look no farther, The Lotus sex position is jus...

Stafish Orgy
A fantastic orgy position in which six people can be chained together for an amazing group sex experience, the formation of their combined bodies resembling a starfish.

Buddy Sex - Gang Bang - Double Penetration
Probably the most famous of all buddy sex moves, which finds a girl and two boys playing hide the sausage in both her holes at once (dick in pussy and dick in anus) is the double penetration...

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